Friday Feature Third Man on the Left

C.D. Hersh

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Roni Hall

I love stories about heroes, especially female heroes . . . every day, unsuspecting women who step up when others are in need or in peril. Sometimes it’s superhuman feats, more often mundane. Look around you, they are all around us, but they may not recognize themselves as such.

It may even be you…today or tomorrow.

I was blessed with a strong, spirited mother who covertly instilled strength in me by her daily actions and zest for life. Her four sisters shared her essence and passed it on to their offspring. They were everyday heroes displaying inner strength, perseverance, and selflessness while relishing life and sharing endless love. They did what they had to do expecting no reward.

I lost my mother over twenty years ago but she still inspires me every day and encourages me when times are tough. My…

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