Copyright… Do I need one as an Independent Author?

D.A. Henneman - Romance Author

I started this post 2 years ago and never wrote a word until now. Why? Because it took me that long to figure out the answer to the question I used as the title for this post. Now, I don’t consider myself a slow learner by any means, but there are a lot of things to weigh out when you make decisions as a self-publisher. You have to simultaneously be a creative as well as a project planner, and at times you get lost in the quagmire of endless possibilities. It is my hope that this post, along with others I share along the way, gives you some insight into the decisions you will need to make, and ultimately helps you navigate your own process.

So, to the question I posed in the title, do I need a copyright as an author, the correct response for me was yes. However…

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