Soulful Silver & Why I Love It


Over the last decade, I’ve developed a deep, soulful connection with silver, versus gold. silver-pablo-10As a younger woman, I think I identified with gold, and as life’s experiences shaped me, I think I grew into more of a ‘silver’ personality. Translation? Inherently, I identify silver with uniqueness and strength, found myself drawn to it for these reasons, and indeed, my research into this precious metal validated my beliefs.

Ancient cultures began mining silver over 5,000 years ago. Perhaps the single most significant event in the history of silver was the discovery of the New World in 1492. Since then, the role of silver has exploded the world over. Widely used as currency in biblical times, its current uses and applications include utensils, chemistry, photography, medicine, water purification, air conditioning, dentistry, and jewelry.

Amazingly versatile, too, I enjoy the mystical and symbolic connection that exists with silver. Per information at

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