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Linda Bradley

Today award-winning author Linda Bradley shares with us the inspiration and20160527 2016BBAfinalist background for her Montana Bound Series of books. Her debut novel, Maggie’s Way was a Romance Readers’ Choice Award Summer 2016 Finalist and is a 2016 Booksellers Best Finalist. The newest, Maggie’s Fork in the Road, is due to release June 30th and we wish her success. Here’s Linda.

What do you get when you cross a middle-aged woman who is a cancer survivor caught in a hiccup of life with a pesky eight-year-old on a mission to understand her Hollywood mother? You get a cast of misfits waiting to steal your heart as they live life, each on their own soul-searching mission.

I found my voice when I brought Maggie Abernathy and Chloe McIntyre to life. The inspiration for my Montana Bound Series comes…

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