Mandi Benet visits, with her new book “To Rome with Love”

Ryan Jo Summers

I am honored to have Mandi Benet stop by to chat about her recently released contemporary romance book, “To Rome with Love“. Welcome, Mandi.

TO ROME WITH LOVE_draft1_ (2)
So, Mandi, what can you tell us about this book?

MB: It’s about an American woman from San Francisco, Gaby Conte, who’s had it with men. Especially Italian men, like her cheating husband. After her divorce, she travels to Rome seeking refuge with her best friend Maria, but instead finds love and passion with another handsome Italian. Oops!

RJS:  Oops is right. Nothing like a change of plans, right. Why did you write this?

MB: I’m not sure except I love to write and this story presented itself to me!

RJS: Fair enough. How long did it take?

MB:A few months but then a few more after that for rewriting, line editing etc.

RJS: Is there any special reason why you chose the character…

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