My Leaky-Bucket List

flying goannas


I love to do those silly Facebook quizzes and list challenges. But every now and then they get the better of me.

100 places to visit before you die … as long as you have unlimited time and money. Who’s really going to do all of them?

So, with the help of some friends and inspired by Georgie Moon’s Anti-Bucket List, I’ve come up with a different type of bucket list. One that most people can complete if they feel so inclined. Most of these won’t cost you much. Many are free for everyone to do as often as they can.

I’ve called it my “leaky-bucket” list because some of the results will spill over and benefit others.

The thing I like most about this list is that no one can claim to have ticked off everything. If you tell anyone you’ve done #46 then you haven’t done it.

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